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Glencoe Capital's investment professionals and our Executive Network members combine financial acumen, industry insight, and operational expertise to identify investment opportunities for which our expertise can create value. Glencoe Capital evaluates acquisitions and growth equity investments across a diverse range of industries in companies that meet the criteria below.

If you have ideas or investment opportunities, please email Paul Smith or call (312) 870-1352.


EBITDA:  $3 - $15 million

Minimum Capital Need:  $7 million

Financial History:  3+ years


Industry:  Generalist

Geography:  North America

Ownership:  Majority


Market-leading products, processes, and/or technology, presenting potential opportunities for growth

Opportunities to grow organically and/or by acquisition

A strong management team with whom Glencoe Capital can partner

Add-on investment opportunities are exempt from the above criteria and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

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